ZINE RESOURCES Review Zines reviewed by Louis Rastelli


Stolen Sharpie Revolution 2nd Edition, Microcosm/ Alex Wrekk, is an excellent resource for anyone involved in self-publishing (or looking to start doing it.) Great advice on layout, photocopying, and stapling, plus clear instructions on silkscreening, blockprinting, papermaking, binding, making patches and graffiti stencils, and even envelope-making. I’ve never seen so much concise and clear info in such a small book (this is a mini.) They even have extensive advice on what to do once your zine is printed: approaching stores that might carry it without feeling intimidated; finding (and trading with) other zinesters; finding (and dealing with) zine distributors; tips on postage, mailing and mail art; how to donate zines to prisoners or zine libraries, and even how to make your own record! Extensive contacts for printing, distribution, and zine-review zines round -out this incredible resource. To top it off, it’s anti—-copyright, so you can reprint the tips that were most helpful to you in your own zine! $5 US (outside USA), $4 (in the US) to Box 14332, Portland, OR 97293,
The Free Press Death Ship, Box 55336, Hayward, CA 94545
Large, manually typeset zine filled with reviews of all sorts of zines and books, articles on self-publishing issues and general DIY, lots of letters—definitely the best and most impressive-looking underground guide to zines.

Zine World, Box 330156, Murfreesboro, TN 37133-0156. Also known as A Reader’s Guide to the Underground Press, this is one of the standard-bearers of the genre, with reviews of tons of zines of all kinds and from all over the place.

Broken Pencil, Box 203, Station P, Toronto ON M5S 2S7. Contains some excerpts from Canadian zines, plus original fiction, poetry and essays. Purports to be THE guide to zines in Canada, but in fact, they mainly review zines from Southern Ontario and the U.S., and there aren’t really that many reviews compared to similar mags. This could change, however, if you zine-makers out there send them your zine to review. They are also looking for more reviewers outside of Ontario (see ad in this issue for more info).

Punk Planet, Box 6014, East Lansing, MI 48826
Only a couple pages of zine reviews but overall good quality here.

Maximum Rock and Roll, Box 460760, San Francisco, CA 94146-0760
The oldest of all these zines by far, tons of music reviews, columns, more political these last few years—and a dependable zine review section. Some of their columns regularly review zines also.

Slug & Lettuce, PO Box 26632, Richmond, VA 23261-6632. Long-running punk newsprint zine, tons and tons of zine and music reviews crammed into 6-pt type. Also photos and regular columns- great writers who definitely read and listen to everything that they review.

HeartattaCk, Box 848, Goleta, CA 93116 Tons of music reviews and lots of zine reviews too. Available for free in most punk record stores, which means this tends to disappear very quickly. Along with Slug & Lettuce, it’s worth getting their dirt-cheap subscription to make sure you don’t miss an issue.