Contributors Vol. 3 No. 1

Contributors Vol. 3 No. 1, 2004

Sean P. Aaberg is co-founder of goblinko and a hired pen walking the country-side looking for magic items and violence. See to follow the further adventures of he and his comrades. Box 12044 Eugene OR 97440

Sylvain Aubé A Montreal music-scenester since his first zine efforts in ‘95. He’s a discrete musician, writer and webmaster, whose Monochrome imprint has been around since ‘99, showcasing his musical evolution and collaborations with A Vertical Mosaic and an upcoming release by David Kristian. See

Kurt Beaulieu, comic and sound artist, write to Box 32166 Succ. St. André, Montreal Que. H2L 4Y5 … Marc Bell’s collection of Shrimpy and Paul strips is avail. through Highwater Books. His work can be seen weekly in the Montreal Mirror & many other places …

Elisabeth Belliveau is a maker of things in Montreal and hopes for happy. Email elzbet3 ]at[ hotmail ]dot[ com to order her zines – she also has a book out on Conundrum Press,

Bobo Boutin aka Mephitis Mephitis aka Gilles Robert, Grand Recteur de la C.S.D.R.A.P. (100%). Pour recevoir les feuillets originaux (11 à date!) de Gilles Robert.

Guy Boutin art, peinture, bédé:

Missa Bowles is involved with Total Music. He has exhibited artworks in Montreal and the surrounding terrain. His whereabouts are currently unknown

Reach Eric Braun by email, eric_braun_106u ]at[ hotmail dot com

J. R. Carpenter is a poet, fiction writer and visual artist living in Montreal. She is a multiple winner of the CBC Quebec Short Story Competition. Her web art projects can be viewed at

Stepan Chapman cheerfully awaits the nearing apocalypse at the Aphasia Gorge Wild Insect preserve, where you can reach him and-or order his recently published illustrated book, Life On Earth, for $5 US ($9 overseas) mailed to 305 18th St., Cottonwood AZ 86326.

Oily Chi, for illustrations contact: oily_chi ]at[ yahoo dot com.

Rick Coluccio (Cosmos Quazar) helps run the Querin record label and fronts Cosmos Quazar, the band, and plays with Amanda Mabro.

Slack Daddy can be heard on CKUT Radio Thursday nights, 1-4 am, and plays drums for The Other Thing. For comments (or to join the band!), 514-481-6076.

Aimé Dontigny est membre du duo noise morceaux_de_machines et travaille activement pour les étiquettes de disques No Type, empreintes DIGITALes et Ambiances Magnétiques. On retrouve ses textes sur [_arc.hive_], Syndicate et Nettime.

Chris Dyer is an artist who also sells magnets and other things, check out

Five Seventeen publishes Tape-Gun (“Little Sister” first appeared in issue no. 4). As a young boy, Five was often asked by his younger brother to build things out of Lego and draw an array of trees, cartoon characters and animals… His drawing pursuits led him to graduate from the Ontario College of Art in ‘96. Since then, he’s illustrated books, helped design casinos and plays in the band Lake Holiday.

Richard Gagnon is a Montreal-based illustrator also squandering away his days editing and publishing WTF***? (issue 7 coming out soon) and producing the strip Skinny Nameless Punk (with Jack Ruttan). More details on his website, the imaginatively-named

Jay Gallagher’s blog is where his stuff in this issue is from:

Lisa Gamble is a Montreal-based songwriter/ musician/ crafty type/ adhesives consultant/ Unitard.

R. Gauvin publishes the free zine Les Carnets de Rastapopolous and hosts the radio art show Soundscape on CFRO in Vancouver. 10-4906 Main St., Vancouver BC, V5W 2R3

MissE Goodwin makes films, puppets, magnets, crafts, stories & massage therapy.

Carrie Haber is working at the NFB in Montreal on the documentary Pig Farm (music by Anit Ghosh), which follows Gypsy poet and radio station maintenance man Emil Cina from Prague to the Lety pig farm. It’s where he and others negotiate how to be a Gypsy in the modern world, and hold the only political event of its kind. Contact: carriehaber ]at[ sympatico ]dot[ ca. For info about the Roma: or

Joe Hale has been published in the Montreal underground since 1995. Despite the rumours, he is more sane than most. “I faced a lot of prejudice in places like Toronto, where the underground is just a paramilitary, right-wing concentration camp.”

Jeffrey Hartman is an English teacher from Philadelphia. Dirtboy has been around for over a year and is based on conversations and experiences. Email a mailing address to shoagie2001 ]at[ yahoo ]dot[ com to get a free chapbook of Dirtboy strips.

Mike Hollingsworth posts comics at

Patrick Hutchinson was raised in various rural corners of England and Scotland before coming to fair Montreal, and has trod the boards here and across the land with Top Ranking, Bare Bones, and (currently) Swift Years,

Daniel S. Irwin is a once artist/ now writer who works as a medic in a maximum security prison. He lives in Illinois and has been published in books and zines around the world.

Mary Knott/ Beppi Isbert publish Pretty Beaver where the strip in this issue is from. Contact Box 22949, Baltimore, MD, 21203 or email ghostgurl ]at[ earthlink ]dot[ net.

Shawn Kuruneru is a 19-year-old Toronto artist currently attending school in Montreal. likes to party. currently working on a zine entitled “gasoline gut,” contact gasoline_gut ]at[ hotmail ]dot[ com.

Rob Labelle is a regular contributor whose stories have also appeared in compilations such as Queer View Mirror and Quickies, (both Arsenal Pulp Press.) He’s also been a guitarist & singer with the American Devices for over 20 years.

Mike Long makes buttons and more.

Born Brave, Logan McDonald considers himself a native of Newfoundland. He is currently in the process of graduation from Concordia University. Logan is highly recommended, contact him at saintlogan ]at[ hotmail ]dot[ com.

Billy Mavreas; Box 48082 CST du Parc, Montreal Que. H2V 4S8.

Ian McGillis lives in Montreal. His debut novel, A Tourist’s Guide to Glengarry, was published in 2003. Yann Martel likened it to the work of Mark Twain and J.D. Salinger. Books In Canada begged to differ, calling it “an innocuous piece of fluff”; however, Ian feels quite strongly that you should buy it and decide for yourself.

J.D. Michalak is a Montreal-based musician who also co-runs a zine called Chaise (in French). (You can hear his stuff on the All Music Is Vanity compilation on Lo Recordings.)

Jeff Miller is a high school graduate. For the past eight years he has written and published Ghost Pine Fanzine.

Tim Moerman is a comix artist, city planner and malcontent currently based in Moncton. If you’re real nice he’ll let you touch his scar. See …

Katie Moore ( is a Montreal musician. She recently earned her Girl Guide guitar badge.

Nadia Moss: i am in Montreal there is a book by me published by L’Oie de Cravan.

Rhonda Mullins is a writer and translator living and working in Montreal. When not in church, she can be found at rhonda dot mullins ]at[ simpatico dot ca

Marc Ngui is still squirreling in the crumbs of Toronto, see

Clayton Noone and Stefan Neville make New Zealand comics with pen, ink, pencil and twink; see more: Stefan makes music as Pumice, Clayton makes music and runs the Root! label, see

Kathleen O’Grady is fighting the good fight as chief spin-doctor with the team at the Canadian Women’s Health Network (

Tom O’Hare “Solving the problem of existence since 1983.” Tom’s story first appeared in Advice from the Balcony issue 7. Back issues available, contact

paints objects, takes photos, makes magnets, plays scrabble— jamie q!

Lorenz Peter, author of comic Side Effect since 1993, whose most recent graphic novel is Chaos Mission (Pedlar Press, 2003). Write 1552 King W. #1, Toronto ON M6K 1J6 or see

Pregnant Embryo Productions is: debonair degenerate ct staples, pseudopodial psychonaut mr.8, misanthropic miscreant sant, and exacerbated existentialist mark surgenor. Witness the gross mutilation of comix, poetry, film, animation, and more at

Quesnel recently published a sketch collection called pik’to-graf and has many comics available. mail 2610 Bellechasse, Montreal, Que. H1Y 1G3

Luke Ramsey has been doing art all over the world to realize that joy can be found anywhere, contact

Louis Rastelli sacrifices his own writing and musical aspirations (& sanity) for this magazine and the Distroboto network of former cigarette machines that sell zines and CDs etc. See, where there’s also info about the annual Expozine zine fair he helps put on in Montreal.

Ethan Rilly is currently working on two photozines about being young and drunk. He also has a neat book of comics available by request, ethan_rilly ]at[ hotmail dot com.

Androo Robinson lives in his own pocket and wears a little slice of sky for a hat. He’s OK. His comic first appeared in Low Hug no. 10 (for info, email lowhug ]at[ yahoo dot com). Write Androo at 2000 NE 42 Ave #303, Portland, OR 97213.

Sarah Roe is the founder and key activist for South American Surfer Day (SASD) as well as co-producer of various Mighty Beanz music videos. For info or to order her new zine email sarahroe ]at[ hotmail ]dot[ com.

Jerry Ropson hails from the tiny community of Pollard’s Point (Pop. 449), Newfoundland, he likes to draw pictures of things and tends to hum constantly. Contact: email: jerryropson ]at[ hotmail ]dot[ com. love letters: jerryropson, General Delivery, Pollard’s Point, NL. A0K 4B0.

Salgood Sam is a busy guy; see,,, and finally

Carlos Santos is a Montreal illustrator and comic artist.

Sérigraphie Populaire Screenprinting & Design, Box 1911, Stn B, Montreal, Que. H3B 3L4,

Suzie Smith just moved from Montreal and now lives in Winnipeg. She spends her time making crappy drawings and dolls of famous people. su-she ]at[ lycos]dot[ com.

Sherwin Tjia is a pin-up artist. He is following in that grand tradition with a peculiarly Montreal flavour, however. His pin-up girls wear short skirts while skateboarding, and high-heeled boots while riding bikes. Read his blog at

Vincent Tinguely, Montreal writer, performance poet, co-author (with Victoria Stanton) of Impure — reinventing the word, about the Montreal spoken word scene (conundrum press, 2001) & chronicler of spoken word & lit events for the Montreal Mirror. As Voice of Translator, he has a poetry/ sound art cassette In Full Retreat From Reality on sale in Distroboto machines, and is working on three thematically-linked poetry chapbooks.

Rick Trembles just had a collection of his weekly Motion Picture Purgatory movie-review comics published-- see or, or write: Box 693, Tour de la Bourse, Montreal Que. H2V 2G3

Monsieur Vic is always floating in space.

For info on Jasmine Dreame Wagner’s zines, writing, and illustration, visit

Liz Worth is a Toronto born freelance writer and sometimes DJ. She also publishes a zine called Riot! which is about indie music and other fun stuff. e-mail riotfanzine ]at[ yahoo ]dot[ com, or 157 Delta St., Toronto, Ont., M8W 4E4.

Ilya Zaychik (mrmojo027 ]at[ yahoo ]dot[ com) edited the local zine, Stationaery.