Let’s eat out on the old street John Trivisonno

John Trivisonno
From Vol. 1 No. 3, 1997

let’s eat out again
Locals go on about the quality of our smoked meat and bagels but the quality of our pizza is often neglected… you can get some damn fine pizza (or “za” as some say in Verdun and Lasalle) in this town. Compare our pizza to the tomato juice and canned mushrooms they dump onto a pita when you order a pizza while on vacation in Maine…
… 99 cents a slice… fancy wood oven… or with sweet sauce made by a Greek… let’s eat out again.

a return to “the street” (more true village tales)
Every time I go back now, I feel like Al Waxman… or rather like Al Waxman as “The King of Kensington”… it’s just wave and wave again or stop and say hi or inane comments about lawn care and all the comings and goings from one end of the street to the other. Things haven’t changed that much… people still park on the sidewalks but at least they’ve now stopped cutting down the trees in an effort to curb the population of squirrels and birds (the squirrels used to take bites out of the cucumbers in their gardens, the birds used to shit on their freshly buffed cars.) Now I hear them all say that other neighborhoods are nicer because they’ve got more trees… More of the kids are married now… they all seem to find a way to move into the apartments above their parents’ homes. I still find them sitting on the steps… their faces resembling pieces of lunch meat… complete and total boredom, yet somehow still managing to look smug.
Saint-Leonard doesn’t change… the only thing different is that you used to be able to write it as “S-t-period-space-Leonard”… still the only place on the island where you see guys negotiate with the ushers at the movies…