Clank bassist interview

Clank, interviewed at Foufounes Éléctriques 15th Anniversary Show featuring Fair Warning, The Absurds, My Dog Popper, Unruled, Genetic Control, Fail-Safe, and Bad Results, summer 1998
From Vol. 1 No. 5, 1999

What was a pretty promising lineup pretty well delivered, with the main bummer being Foufs moronic policy of having the bands go on at 8:30. My Dog Popper, Gen Con and Failsafe went over best, the most like they used to be, though Fair Warning, who closed out the whole shebang, most definitely kept the spirit intact.
Louis: OK it’s right after the Fair Warning show, which ended with that song, ‘You are the scene.’ I’m interviewing E— MacD—-, legendary figure from Fair Warning and Failsafe and Megalo and Rhododendron and LA and etc. etc. etc.
Clank: I’m not E—, I’m Clank.
L: Clank?! Whoa, OK. Good show wasn’t it?
C: I had a great time. The spirit was willing, but the body was weak.
L: That was the story in the pit, too. The crowd hasn’t gotten any younger either.
C: There were fellow weak bodies in the pit?
L: Very weak fellow bodies.
C: Well, I’m glad that we were able to inspire a pit, even.
L: Oh yeah, it was a very inspired pit, trying to make the most of our means, given the time that’s passed and all. Somehow not many of the young punks came out for this, though deep down I guess they know where the roots are.
C: I can only hope. I was very happy to be able to make an announcement about Ani DiFranco getting married (which he did before they played ‘Caught In A Trap’).
L: People were listening, as soon as you got up people hushed up, ‘E—’s gonna say something!’ You got big respect here tonight.
C: My arms are aching, and I could barely even hold the sticks by the end of the show, but somehow I managed to get through it.
L: And quite well, too, I must say. 3 encores? That was more than just getting through it.
C: Did you notice that the second time that we did ‘You are the scene’ it was quite a bit slower than the first time? (laughter)
L: Well, luckily most of the crowd was so inebriated that they didn’t notice that you played it twice anyway, so there you go.
C: I had an excellent night. And I’m glad that with all the ups and downs that Foufounes has had over the years that right now they have a very well-oiled machine going for promotion, production. It was a pleasure to work with them. And security—
L: They were good this week…
C: We talked to them and tried to make sure they knew what to expect.
L: There was, I heard, somewhat of a tragedy earlier on during the My Dog Popper set, somebody broke a leg…
C: Broke their leg?!
L: Yeah…
C: Holy moly…
L: Apparently that was very very quickly dealt with. I must say, even though it wasn’t the most lively pit, it was a very sympathetic pit.
C: I guess uh, gee, you know, I was glad there was only fake blood at this show, not like that crazy Vomit show that we did a couple years ago, with the real blood.
L: Yeah, the real blood (see FP #2).
C: And I didn’t have to punch anybody out, I was glad for that.
L: Well, see, we’re progressing, as elders we’re seeing what kind of legacy we want to leave…
C: (laughter) Yup…
L: I wonder whether all our old bands had much to do with the new scene going on now…
C: They got a cool scene going on up at Underworld, lots of great shows. I’m always happy people are still playing in bands, it’s the best, exorcism for a person. It’s such a positive thing, to get together with people and create something. Get something out of it. Even all the Fair Warning songs, just the same three chords played with a slightly different rhythm in a slightly different order. I think it’s a creation, it feels good, and it’s fun.