Email questions about ordering copies of Fish Piss to .
After suffering a flood in our office, some remaining back issues were completely destroyed. You can still order some copies of Vol. 1 nos. 3, 4, 5 and Vol. 2 nos. 1, 2 ((i.e. nos. 3 – 7), also Vol. 2 no. 4. They are $4 each plus $2 postage or 3 for $12, including postage.

That is, until the U.S. dollar falls even further in value and mailing a copy to the U.S. goes up even further.

For those zine people who find it just too expensive, I agree, but keep in mind, Fish Piss actually costs more to send than to print. The most recent issue cost more than $6 to mail ONE copy to the U.S.– so when I say $4 plus postage, I’m already cutting a deal there, and mailing it out at a loss.

Hidden cash or cheques (if the amount is over $10 only, please– smaller cheques aren’t worth it) can be sent to Spontaneous Productions Rgd., box 1232 Place d’Armes, Montreal Que. H2Y 3K2 Canada.

Please email us for info on overseas orders, as they are extremely expensive to mail (i.e. about $10 postage alone for one issue. Slight deals can be made for mailing multiple copies.)